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Lemon - Strawberry - Kiwi - Candy

Mr. Lemon is quietly having a chat with Ms. Kiwi when suddenly Sweet Strawberry bursts in and a brawl breaks out in the ring.  A fresh, happy e-liquid, full of bounce!

frankensteiner Powerslam

Blackberry - Mint - Fresh

A fresh blackberry taste that marks – but won’t stain. A fresh, fairly powerful blackberry base, that some might describe as "cosmetic." What we like is its dryness, a mild concentrate for a daily e-smoke.

hip-toss flapjack

Raspberry - Zabaglione-style

Raspberries blended with dairy cream notes, on top of a rich, cookie dough. Delicious, full and sweet. There’s no need for long explanations, but a well-placed elbow makes the ring tremble. As with any powerful attack, preparation time is paramount.

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Menthol - Mint

Ice-cold first notes that will leave you reeling on the ropes, and a fresh, ice-cold finish. A double mint that won’t let you down. This fresh, tasty concentrate will mess up your hair and kick you in the teeth.



giant swing

Strawberry Mousse

A delicious, subtle strawberry cookie taste. The taste of strawberry is sublimated in this delicious, creamy recipe, filled with authentic flavor. Strawberry Mousse from Fuu, a classic dessert with a clearomizer to come.



bell clap

Rhubarb and Yellow Fruit Puff

Rhubarb, apricot, yellow fruit tinged with caramel blended into a preserve slightly spiced with a hint of violet. A warm, sugary balance mingling fruit and sweetmeat.


Pineapple - Basil - Caramel Biscuit

Finesse in the ring. Pineapple Carpaccio, Caramel Biscuit, Basil Tips. An amazing blend of sweet and sour... for a full, round taste, elegantly combined with aromatic notes.


Aniseed - Menthol - Liquorice

Aniseed, menthol and liquorice: three keynotes clinched and completed by other subtle aromatic hints. Great for fans of complex freshness!


Plum Tart - Custard

As summer draws to a close, plums arrive in the kitchen to be turned into wonderful pies. Catch the Flavors loves taste with a punch and this one leaves no-one standing. The notes of yellow and red plum blend perfectly with a custard base mingled with notes of shortbread.


Catch the Flavors is a hard hitter in the world of e-liquid flavors. Created by e-smokers for e-smokers, the concentrates we offer are complex, genuine recipes developed as e-liquids, dosed with high accuracy and ready for use.

Delicious fruity blends or tobacco flavors, there’s a taste for every tongue with a touch of originality and passion for perfection.

Catch the Flavors: made in Paris to meet exacting quality standards.



Natural lemon gives cookie dough an arm lock, but keeps it subtle. Delicious, tender and complex. A lemon and lime pie taste with a full-flavored cookie dough base.



A deliciously warm tobacco flavor, filled with notes of honey, tobacco leaves, a hint of nut, and a slightly smoky finish. This recipe will let you cook up an e-liquid so subtle and strong you’ll never regret your old pipe again!

Key Lime Pie

Seaman Tobacco

Advice from 
Infernal Chemisto

To properly calculate the amounts of the various ingredients to suit your recipe, download one of many free programs that do the calculations for you.


The Range

The recipe for pecan pie was invented on the other side of the Atlantic.

We’ve interpreted it by completing the warm notes of pecan with hints of hazelnuts and walnuts, adding a tinge of home-made caramel and a butter biscuit base.  Warm, sweet and round.



Pecan Pie - New-York Style

 "The Clothesline Taste"

Concentrated flavors for e-liquids


Trade Tip

Trade Tip

So that the flavors in an e-liquid have the time needed to fully express themselves, it is better to wait a little before vaping. The aromatic molecules take a little time to mix well together and with the Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Waiting a while allows the flavors to fully express themselves. The ideal is to open your vial a little from time to time, and to mix it at least once or twice a day to speed the ripening process. Be careful not to open it too wide or for too long, or you risk contaminating the liquid with particles in the air. Be careful: never leave your e-liquid within the reach of children.


Each concentrate has its own specific characteristics. To prepare it properly and obtain a quality e-liquid, a few rules need to be followed. Below is a table of recommended dilution rates as a function of the Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) levels, and recommended steeping times.

Catch the flavors


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